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ENTJ - 'The Commander'

Commanders are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. If there’s anything Commanders love, it’s a good challenge, big or small, and they firmly believe that given enough time and resources, they can achieve any goal.


D40 I32 S21 C7 - 'The Influencer'

Dominance: 40%
Influence: 32%
Steadiness: 21%
Compliance: 7%

You have a strong inner motivation to influence people and circumstances. You thrive on competitive situations and challenging assignments. The stresses and pressures of everyday work and life are unlikely to reduce your effectiveness and enthusiasm.


7w6 - 'The PathFinder'

People with this personality are usually enthusiastic, responsible, and adventurous in their behavior. They enjoy pursuing new experiences, but are much more able to stick to prior commitments than other seven types.  The core motivation for these people is fulfillment of self set goals and the seeking of entertainment and fun.



O 39 C 92 E 97 A 77 N 8

Openness: 39 Conscientiousness: 92 Extroversion: 97 Agreeableness: 77 Natural Reactions: 8

Down-to-earth • practical • imaginative • open-minded • experimental •  outgoing • friendly • assertive • likes working with others • enjoys direct leadership roles • conscientious • disciplined • efficient • workaholic • compassionate • eager to please • good-natured • cooperative • not easily upset • relaxed • resilient • calm

"The more we learn, the more we discover how much we do not know."

-Master Yoda

Further Information

My passion for the web

I have been enthralled with the internet since I was introduced to it in 1995 with America Online.  Since AOL was so expensive, at 13 years old I found a way to get my family unlimited AOL for free; by working for them. When I was chosen to be "HostShawn" for the children's animals channel on America Online it allowed me unfettered access to the internet and when life gave me several years on my back because of knee surgeries, I used my passions and love for the internet to pass that time. The web has been there and gotten me through the roughest times of my life and I love speaking about, working with and playing on the internet.

More Info About Me

What is your passion?

Designing websites. 7/10

I enjoy designing and developing websites. Creating something from nothing is satisfying and seeing a client get their ideas out into the world feels very good. I see the website more as a vehicle to make the client money at the end of the day, so I get more excited about the utilization of the website after it's designed than the design, although the design process is enjoyable.

Talking with clients about their marketing goals and needs and coming up with a plan to meet those needs. 9/10

Other than the studying of the data to see how to tweak the plans and how much revenue we have created, this is the most passionate section of the job requirement. Speaking with clients, educating them on the importance of best practices SEO and how their contributions to the campaigns will help things makes the relationship grow. A strong relationship between developer and client means that everyone makes more money in the end.

Giving direction to a team to design websites. 8/10 

I enjoy leading a good team and seeing the progress that a strong squad can bring. When working within a unit that meshes together, there is no stopping the train once it leaves the station. My leadership style is servant style and I am to be whatever catalyst my team needs to come together and work as one. With proper motivation and leadership, along with project management, task accountability and attitude; there isn't a project that can't be tackled.

Analyzing SEO and coming up with a strategy for local businesses to rank better for keyword terms. 10/10

This is my ultimate passion. Local-SEO archaeology and outside the box strategics are what I live for. Learning about the local market, competition analysis, the overlap of zones from Google and creating then executing a local attack strategy is the most fulfilling thing I can think of. The return on investment can be directly measured and this gives the client the fastest and easiest understanding of what power online marketing can do. When you succeed in this arena, your client acquisition rate skyrockets and your billable hours react in kind. Data diving and creating plans from trend graphs is what I dream about at night.

Graphic design. 3/10

I am not a graphic designer. I am married to one and I understand the concepts of basic design through trial and tribulation, but design should be left to those that are more creative than me. I have and can create beautiful and functional websites, but they are through iteration and trial and error. I would prefer a professional give me a pixel design of the website I can recreate than design one on my own, but I am capable of doing so.

Social media strategy and implementation. 8/10

I don't particularly enjoy social media or the connotations of what it does to us as  a society, but I am intimately familiar with how they work and how to manipulate them to my clients favor. There is no "correct" social media strategy and the implementation is dependent on too many variables including the client themselves, so this is a bit of a combination of social science and data science which makes the line a hard one to walk. When egos are involved, data is sometimes hard to present, but I do enjoy the benefit of seeing the client or their business grow in popularity and revenue from social media.

Is there anything you would NOT like to do in a role?

I would not want to spend 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year in photoshop designing websites. Analytics and marketing are critical paths to success that I must be involved with or I will not feel fulfilled.

Do you have any salary requirements or minimums?
My salary goals are commensurate with responsibilities, but I am for a starting salary of $85,000 - $105,000 for senior management and director positions.

some of my work


Custom WordPress membership site with REST API connection to YouTube, Google and Social Sharing websites. This site has custom JavaScript and PHP tools that connect to YouTube for video and channel analytics and also to analyze google results, keyword recommendations and more for free then funnel users into buying access to higher level tools and affiliate offers.


Custom WordPress installation with push notifications, social chat integrations, mailchimp lead integrations with custom styling and woocommerce integration. This is a redesign and rebranding of EvpCorp.com, which sells oil stop valves. The exact match domain and on-site SEO increased search volume by 350%. The client also commissioned several original illustrations and animations of their products in action to be used on print and online advertising.


Twitch streamer/gamer profile page with Twitch and social media integrations. Custom content first layout with clean connection to the streamer without distraction. Custom notifications when the client goes live on twitch with broadcasts directly on the website. Integration with Discord channel and twitch bot included with social media and content consultation as needed.


Custom wordpress with several javascript systems for the tattoo industry. Custom jQuery tools that allow for a user to determine a tattoo's pain scale by location, what style to get, 50 state laws pertaining to tattoos and more. This is the single most useful tattoo repository of information online. Unique tools aimed at lead generation for tattoo shops to pay for leads from people using the tools. The project is on hold due to Covid19.


Tattoo portfolio and online booking system with local SEO built in. Full custom system for appointment setting and e-commerce. This contract also includes all social media marketing, local and national SEO, adwords campaigns, social media advertising and content creation consultation. Project on hold due to Covid19.


This is a W-I-P redesign of https://sunshinestatetattoo.com which incorporates local SEO and proper analytics into the design. This contract also includes all social media marketing, local and national SEO, adwords campaigns, social media advertising and content creation consultation. Project on hold due to Covid19.


This is a W-I-P redesign of YourRealEstateRescue.com to include proper local SEO, analytics, social media incorporation, content creation control and to incorporate a new lead generation system with MLS access. Custom WordPress installation with multiple API connections including social media and the regional MLS. This contract also includes all social media marketing, SEO, content creation consultation and individual profit sharing of houses sold through the system.


This is a landing page for an individual listing of a realtor clients'. The page is designed to mimic the community it is in and is optimized for local SEO. There is a campaign that has a verified business address post card being sent to that address to verify the domain to the address. The goal is to have the address in the map pack for the domain as a squeeze page into the realtors funnel.


Restaurant group custom wordpress installation featuring multiple systems including push notifications, mailchimp integration, lead generation, social media integration, calendar and event system, e-commerce with gift card denomination, contextual contact and employment application forms.


This is a W-I-P membership site for people looking to make money at home, especially during the covid lockdown. It has custom membership systems, ecommerce systems, a lead generation system, push notifications, social media integration and custom javascript and php functions. This sites design is to provide free information for those who need it and to provide paid guidance to those who don't have enough time or knowledge to search themselves.


This is a W-I-P landing page for a client's tattoo marketing service. The system is designed to be entered through targeted ads from facebook and google with the interest demographic of tattoo artists and tattoo shops. The project is on hold due to covid19.


This is a simple brochure site built for a tablet and laptop to be used at trade shows and booths. The concept is a simple intuitive U.I. with focus on the products being manufactured and the beautiful vistas reflective of the strength of the company behind the products. It's basically a one page site to entertain visitors while the booth presenters are busy with other patrons.