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Systems engineering can be a bit confusing of a service. When you are wondering if you need and engineer or a developer, you have to ask yourself if the problem has been identified and tried to be solved already or if this is a novel approach to problem solving. If there are iterative solutions available, a developer will be able to build off those and create a system. If there are no attempts to identify and solve the specific problem, you will need an engineer to first identify your specific problem, then create a plan to solve it. Engineering is the broadest scope of problem solving in the Information Technology sector, but it also is the most expensive and risky. You are creating potential solutions to problems that may not have been identified as problems before.

Robert E Machol

"The purpose and real value of systems engineering is to keep going around the loop; Find inadequacies and make improvements”

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Internet Connected Systems

In 2020 it is almost impossible to create a custom solution without connecting to the internet in some way. From getting information from an API or database to setting shared variables across devices, the internet enables systems to interact in ways unimaginable 30 years ago. Shawn has been developing custom solutions online for over 15 years and is the type of person who gets excited when everyone else is bored. He lives to solve novel problems in unique way and the internet allows for unlimited experimentation. If you have a problem that needs a solution, we will use the internet to solve it completely.


  • APIs Creation, Connection & Manipulations
  • JSON Data Manipulation
  • Conditional Formatted User Inputs
  • Social Media Integration & Manipulation
  • CRM Creation, Connection & Manipulation
  • Email List Creation Tools
  • E-Commerce Setup, Connection & Manipulation
  • Website Based Notification Tools (Geo-location, PUSH, SMS Integration)
  • Cellular Communication Systems (GPS, AR, Video Conference)

Offline Systems Engineering

Even in this internet connected world we live in there are still times where a system needs to be engineered that is local only. Usually surrounding sensitive data operations like real estate, medical records, financial records or inventory control, there is little reason and much risk to connect these systems online. The best practice against being hacked is to make your systems air-gapped, or never connected to the internet.  This doesn't mean that the systems are any more or less complex than their internet siblings, they just don't "phone home" or share any of their data.


  • HIPPA Compliant Systems
  • Inventory Control
  • Financial Systems
  • Real Estate Records
  • Encrypted Forms & Personnel Systems
  • User/Customer/Employee Compliance Systems
  • Company Intranets

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