We Support and Supplement Your Existing I.T. Team

Think of us as your heavy hitters and back up for your existing I.T. team. We are not equipped to be a help desk for specific software solutions or basic I.T. problems, but we are here for you when you have a significant issue that can not be solved by entry level technicians. We are able to come to you and spend as much time as needed to diagnose the problem for your team to fix or we can fix it ourselves. If you just need remote support, we are a phone call or video chat away. However we can fit into your business to make your I.T. issues disappear, we are here to help.

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On-Site Support

When your computer is not behaving, your server is not communicating and you can't figure it out, we'll be there to help. Our years of experience setting up and maintaining server infrastructure allows us the ability to monitor your equipment off-site and only come to you when there is a problem. This keeps your overhead for support low, while keeping your server uptime 99.9% and all equipment functioning and updated.


  • Software installation support
  • Windows support
  • VPS/VPN setup & support
  • Networking support
  • Printer configuration & support
  • Windows/Linux/Apache/mySQL server setup & support
  • File server setup & support
  • Video networking  setup & support
  • Remote working setup & support

Off-site Support

We are just a phone call or video chat away when you need us. For simple things like keeping your website updated, managing your Google business or Microsoft Teams/365 accounts, we can help. We offer month to month contracts and per-call plans to suit your needs. Whatever technical support you need, on-site or off we are here to help.


  • Website maintenance
  • Email setup & support
  • GSuite management
  • Microsoft Teams/365 support
  • CRM setup & support
  • RDP software support
  • Remote installation support

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