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Project: Oilstopvalves.com
Designer: Shawn David
Developer: Shawn David
Tools Used: WorPress | jQuery | PHP 

This project began as a simple website re-design and morphed into a full local and national SEO push for the keyword “Oil Stop Valves”

After the website was designed, it was developed using WordPress and a custom theme created for the client. We integrated MailChimp for lead generation and CRM as well as OneSource for push notifications.
Facebook messenger API was included to create a chat system for the client to talk with their visitors.

The keyword “Oil Stop Valves” was determined to be the best keyword to target, so a social media campaign and content management plan was created. We purchased an exact match domain name “Oilstopvalves.com” and moved the EVP CORP main website to that domain.

Within 1 month the keyword moved from 4th page to 10th position and now sits between 2nd and 4th depending on search location and history.

The client has continued to create content and be active on social media, which has brought his indexable keywords into the 20s and his first page results into the 10s.

Shawn David

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Shawn has been developing websites since 2001 and professionally since 2008. He has over 1,000 builds in his career and is always looking to further his knowledge through experience and education. Currently working on his MBA and will follow with a pHD in systems engineering.

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