How To Get More Twitter Followers in 2020

How To Grow Your Twitter Account in 2020

Having a thriving and relevant Twitter account these days is equivalent to having your own non-stop commercial on TV that people actually enjoy watching. Whether you’re an established brand, an individual, or a startup company, Twitter can be your most effective tool for promoting your products, ideas, and services.

With all of this pressure on your Twitter account to perform, it’s no wonder that people go looking for help so frequently. This guide is going to look at how you can take some of that pressure off. Following this advice properly can be the difference between your Twitter account taking off like a rocket, or taking off with the force of a poorly built potato gun.

Growing Your Twitter Followers

The most important aspect of your Twitter account is your Twitter follower numbers. This is because your Twitter account will be judged (sometimes even subconsciously) by other Twitter users and potential followers based on how many followers you current have. This is the basis of social proof.

To give you an example of social proof in action, let’s look at some fan run Taylor Swift ‘Update’ accounts. They both report the exact same information in the same way. Which of these two account are you more likely to follow, assuming you’re a Swiftie, based on the information you’re given when you first click on the account:

If you’re like 95% of Twitter users, you’re going to choose the first one. It has 83,300 followers. The second has only 17,200 followers. This is a key statistic that Twitter users will make their decision on, both consciously and unconsciously.

When your account is brand new or struggling, and you need followers to get followers, how can you break the cycle?

Attracting More Engagement

Another important aspect of looking popular is having an account where individual tweets that you send receive retweets and favorites. Think of each action - retweet or favorite - as a vote for the tweet. Having more votes leads to more people wanting to also vote. This is an example of social proof all over again. Getting retweets from actual users so that your message spreads and goes viral is no small feat. It takes careful planning, some wit, and a bit of luck. The most basic actions for getting more retweets are:

Use a strong call to action

that asks for retweets. Many tweets go viral thanks to simple “Please RT,” “RT if you agree” requests, or more complex “RT for yes, Favorite for No” types of calls to action.

Use images in your tweets. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that comes in handy when all you have is 140 characters. Overall engagement rates on Twitter can be boosted by 35% with a photo!

Comment on live events. Twitter is a real-time marketing powerhouse. Making witty or useful comments on current events can see your engagement shoot up. This is an important strategy to use when events related to your industry are happening.

Those three basic ways to get more retweets and favorites are much easier said than done. You can work for months on the best ideas, use a strong call to action, create beautiful pictures, and real time market to events as earth shifting as a celebrity nip-slip, but there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed.

Getting Promoted By Influencers

Influencer marketing is an emerging trend on Twitter. It involves working with popular Twitter accounts that are related to your target market. Those with a large, relevant, and engaged account are the key. Having your content shared by these popular accounts can spread your message to the right people very quickly.

The most popular and successful Twitter accounts have seen the value of influencers. But why does it work? You can think of influencer marketing as the Twitter equivalent of having an online spokesperson. Except instead of having one famous person sending out a message, you can have many Twitter users reaching their wide audience with your brand message.

Influencer marketing can also about being more than reaching a wider audience. It can be about trust. Have you noticed how you feel about brands based on who their spokespeople are? There is no amount of tweeting that you can do on your own to get this kind of trust. You have to work with other Twitter accounts that have that trust built up already, and have some of that trust rub off on your account.

Working with viral influencers can be tough. You can put weeks of work into speaking with one you’re interested in and still come away with nothing. Remember that these people are not using Twitter to promote you. They’re using it promote themselves, and it can be difficult to get them to share anything. The best way to approach a influencer is as a "sponsor" so you will pay them, but its transparent and you get to dictate the message. Organic influcencer traction is great, but most of the time in the beginning you will be resorting to sponsoring messages.

The Three Parts To Twitter Success

As we outlined above, there are three basic aspects to any successful Twitter account:

1. More Followers - Increases Social Proof, Authority and Growth Rate

2. More Engagement - Retweets and favorites can help spread your message farther, increase your tweet's social credibility and drive more clicks.

3. Having Influencers Work With You - This can help you reach your goals by hitting a larger, target audience. Increasing awareness and demand for your Twitter, website or campaign become easier when influencers are involved.

Finding success on all three counts is the surest way to have your Twitter account accomplish any goals you set for it. Maybe you want to push a brand message, maybe you want to be Twitter famous and increase name recognition, maybe you just want to do it for the LOLz.

If you concentrate on getting more followers, getting your followers to engage with your account and then using influencer marketing to boost your brand, your twitter account will skyrocket!

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