Design isn't just the third word in our name. We take your passion and drive and translate it through design into a finished product.  No one understands your project like you do. We work with you to ensure your vision is realized through our design.

Fuzzy vision? That is fine. We help you flush out vague ideas into tangible designs. We are comfortable with all the design process phases, and can pivot into a new project at any stage, but we ideally will be involved from the very beginning of a project. We have a process that has been honed through years of projects which works very well. That process is boiled into three basic principles. Design. -> Develop. -> Distribute.

Our design process begins with the project identity: We decide variables like color swatches, fonts, shapes, icons, backgrounds. The general high level look and feel of the project or the brand. This critical moment determines the rest of the project's design philosophy, so this requires significant input from the client. How your project looks and 'feels' is determined in a large part in this stage.

The process continues with a design structure. The structure of the project and its sub-structures are critical to developing an efficient and robust solution for your problem. We will look at all feasible use-case scenarios for the project and design structures and sub-structures around these scenarios.

The design does not conclude after the structure of the project is designed, after the development stage the final end use design has to be implemented and tested. Our design team works with our development team through the process to ensure smooth transition from structure design to development back to final design. This cohesion ensures a final product that is polished and ready for real world delivery.


Developing software is a real passion for us. Shawn, our code jockey, enjoys it so much that its an actual hobby as well as profession. We like making cool things that represent an idea. The ability to create something that was nothing more than a few fleeting thoughts is as close to magic as we have!

Our usual stack is the LAMP stack, which is Linux, Apache, MySql and PhP  for the back end and a JavaScript based front end, but we are flexible. If you are only looking for someone that specializes in .ASP or .NET, that isn't us.

We are web developers through and through, and learning a new language is not something that is intimidating to us, we just need the time and motivation to do so! If you like the cut of our jib, but are concerned that your project limits the scope of the language it's created in, we will work with you.

Enough yammering, enjoy the game.